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This website is a tribute to the people of Rwanda who suffered during the horrific events in their country in 1994. By exploring the concept of state-sovereignty, in the context of humanitarian inteventions, the power of the United Nations, and the behaviour of the world's nation-states, it aims to portray a truer reality of the story. The Rwandan genocide is too often understood as 'another case' of an inevitable clash of African 'tribalism'. Closer insepction reveals that this view is outdated and prejudice. More importantly, this view fails to understand the fact that all genocides are meticulously planned and a product of a sickening agenda for power. Equally, the genocide in Rwanda was far from inevitable, and by studing the flaws in the principle of state-sovereignty, it can be seen how it was that the international community failed to act to prevent it.

This website also aims to pay tribute to those who did fight for Rwanda in the dark days of 1994. From Rwandan locals that offered sancurary to others to the UN peacekeepers that gave their lives and more to do what they could for the place that the rest of the world temporarily forgot.


What's the problem?

T.G. Weiss, who has written greatly on this subject, summarises excellently:

“State Sovereignty provides the fundamental organizing principle for international relations and for the United Nations. Solutions to transboundary problems – be they dealing with the conundrum of failed and failing states, the protection of fundamental rights, or climate change – cannot be found by allowing sovereigns to make decisions based on their own narrowly defined interests and then to opt out of agreements when they prove inconvenient” [4]

This website displays the inapplicable situation outlined above, manifested in the most dire and disastrous of ways. The tabs across the top of this page describe 3 very different examples where the behaviour of the actors involved were encouraged by the principle of state-sovereignty to act to the detriment to humanity. To the right is a short presentation outlining the background of this tragic story. Access it by clicking the arrows at the bottom of the window.

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